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Passports Abroad

Yemen Response:  U.S. Passports for Children Evacuating Yemen

If you are a U.S. citizen with a child who has evacuated Yemen to Djibouti, and you believe your child is also a U.S. citizen but he/she has not been documented with a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) and/or a U.S. passport, find out about applying for citizenship documents at Embassy Djibouti

All passport services now start online and are by appointment only.

For first time passport applications, use form DS-11.  For a renewal, use form DS-82. The Embassy recommends using the online forms wizard to complete your form.

The average passport processing time is 10 business days.  First-time applicants must appear in-person to apply for their passports.

Payment can be made in cash (U.S. Dollars or Djiboutian Francs) or by credit card.  Only U.S. Dollars printed after January 1, 2003 are accepted.

If your passport is lost or stolen, report it immediately to local authorities such as local police or base security staff.  Please bring a copy of the official police report when you appear to apply for a replacement passport.

Official Passports:

Official Passports are not issued to every government employee – they are tied to a specific assignment (and must be relinquished at the end of an assignment).  Additional documentation is required to demonstrate that your assignment requires an official passport including:

  • Two copies of your assignment or travel orders
  • A completed and signed DD-1056 form (for DOD Employees)
  • Your passport application and DD-1056 must identify specific countries to be visited which require an official passport for entry – refer to the Foreign Clearance Guide.

Camp Lemonnier:  The J1/Joint Personnel Center (JPC) in building 102 has information to help you start a passport application; however, you must appear in person to execute your application.  Consular staff visit Camp Lemonnier once a month to accept passport applications and answer questions.  Dates for these visits are announced through the PSA system and are available from the J1.  Personnel are welcome to visit the Embassy to execute their passport application with a valid appointment requested via email at  J1 staff are able to pick-up all finished passports from the Embassy once a week and distribute them to service members from the J1 office.  You will be contacted via email when your passport is complete (approximately 10 business days).

Emergency Contact

  • Thread

    In the event of an arrest, death, medical or other emergency involving a U.S. citizen in Djibouti, contact the Embassy immediately at (+253) 21-453-000 during business hours or (+253) 77-877-229 after hours. You may also contact the Bureau of Consular Services in Washington, DC, toll free, at 1-888-404-4747 from the U.S. or Canada or using the toll-line at 1-202-501-4444. 

    These contact numbers are for U.S. Citizen Emergencies ONLY. They are not for visa inquiries.

    To contact the Government of Djibouti's Emergency Assistance Services you can dial the following from a local phone (Services offered in French):
    . Police - 17
    . Firefighters/Ambulance - 18
    . Hopital Général Peltier - 21-35.09.62 / 21-35.27.12 (switchboard)
    . Force Armée Djiboutienne - 21-35.03.45
    . Djibouti Telecom Information Desk - 12

    To contact the private French Military Hospital (Bouffard)
     you can dial the following from a local phone (Services offered in French):
    . Emergency service - 21-45.01.15
    . Reception / Billing office - 21-45.04.47 (Business hours only - Sat-Thu, 06:30-13:00)