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Visas for Medical Treatment

Note - Applicants traveling for emergency medical treatment may send an e-mail to to request an expedited appointment, which may be granted after examination of the request, on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to regular supporting documentation (see NIV application instructions), all travelers for medical reasons should be prepared to provide the following (this information can be sent via regular mail, fax at (+253) 21 453 340 or email):

  • A medical referral letter from a physician in Djibouti (or a neighboring country), explaining the nature of the ailment, treatment provided, if any, and why additional treatment is not available locally
  • A letter from a medical provider in the United States accepting them as a patient
  • Information about the full cost of the medical procedure
  • Supporting financial information showing an ability to pay for the treatment including (but not limited to):
       -  Pre-payment for medical services
       -  Full U.S. insurance covering the specific medical condition of the patient for the duration of stay in the U.S. (Note: Most travel insurances do not cover treatment for pre-existing conditions)
       -  Background financial information for any treatment sponsors such as tax returns, W2 statements, bank statements etc.

Note -Applicants who wish to receive medical treatment in the US are still subject to section 214(b) of the Immigration & Nationality Act. In other words, they must prove to the satisfaction of the interviewing consular officer that they have sufficient ties compelling them to return to their country after completion of their visit. Receiving an expedited appointment for a visa interview and visa eligibility/receipt are two distinctly different and separate issues.